Acoustic Foam

Acoustic foam is a sound-absorbing material used to improve sound quality by reducing echo and reverberation in a space. It is commonly used in recording studios, home theaters, and offices to create a more acoustically balanced environment. 
There are several types of acoustic foam, including:- Wedge foam: Features wedge-shaped patterns designed to scatter sound waves and reduce reflections.- Pyramid foam: Consists of pyramid-shaped patterns that effectively absorb mid-to-high frequency sound waves.- Egg crate foam: Resembles the texture of an egg crate and is used to dampen sound reflections and improve acoustics.- Grid foam: Utilizes a grid pattern to absorb sound waves and minimize echo in various frequency ranges.
Each type of acoustic foam serves a specific purpose and can be used alone or in combination to achieve desired acoustic results.

Professional Soundproofing Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels High Density Sound Absorber

100/Square Feet Get Latest Price

Usage/ApplicationSound Absorbers
Fire RatingsNot Rated
Sheet Size6x3 sq ft
Thickness2 Inches

Minimum order quantity: 100 Square Feet

  • MAXIMUM SOUND ABSORPTION: Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels are made with original acoustic polyurethane open cell technology to absorb all the kinetic energy of the sound and convert them to heat energy. The angles and software cutting of the product is no match with any other acoustic product in the market. Easy to apply using SR Adhesive ( Not Included with the product )
  • BEST FOR ACOUSTIC TREATMENT & SOUNDPROOFING: On 100% wall coverage it will isolate your sound upto 20 DB and on limited wall coverage it will only do the acoustic treatment/echo absorption. Best for recording studios, control rooms, offices, home studios, home theatres, classrooms, youtube video recordings, voice over studios, machine canopies , Hotels, Basements etc.
  • NOISE REDUCTION COEFFICIENT : The NRC of the product is 0.90 and STC is 18. High density acoustic foam by Universal has an ability to absorb 90% of the sound that strike it’s surface. Pyramid Acoustic Foam also diffuses the sound due to its specialized designing.
  • HIGH DENSITY ACOUSTIC PANEL:  Universal acoustic foams are produced in house using German chemicals to maintain consistent product quality. The density of the product is 50kg/m3, which is not available with any other brand in the market.
  • WARRANTY AND CERTIFIED: All  Universal products are certified by SGS, ARAI and ISO for its quality and customer satisfaction. Company offers a product quality warranty of 1 year. Each Pack contains 9 Pcs of 1x1 Feet Acoustic Foam in 2” Thickness – Covers total 9 sqft.

Polyester Acoustic Panels for Sound Absorption & Insulation

110/sq ft Get Latest Price

Usage/ApplicationSound Absorbers
Foam TypePolyester
ColorAvailable in 27 Colors
Size8ft x 4ft
Fire RatingFire Resistant

Minimum order quantity: 32 sq ft

  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: The acoustic panel is composed of 100% polyester fiber, which turns out to be fire retardant, soundproof, odorless, non-poisonous, antiskid, corrosion-resistant and fade resistant. Therefore, you can feel safe to breathe and touch it because it won’t cause any hazard to you, children and pets. It has a better sound insulation than those panels made from foams.
  •  NOISE REDUCTION: If you do the audio mixing, the environmental sound must be decreased because any unnecessary noise will definitely spoil the recording session. This beveled edge sound panel can absorb the sound that is produced by low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency. It is way suitable for recording.
  •  EASY INSTALLATION: Both general-purpose spraying adhesive and double sticky tape are acceptable. All you have to do is stick the spraying adhesive or 3M double sided tape (NOT INCLUDED) to the back of each acoustic panel and then just adhere it to the right position.
  •  USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The fashionable design of this soundproofing absorption panel can be used as an art decoration on the wall. In this way, it adds a great deal of romance to your room and build a mass of good memories in a warm, comfortable and safe surroundings.
  •  MULTIPURPOSE-USE: There is a wide application of this kind of acoustic soundproofing insulation panel as it can render the whole office seem much quieter and more importantly, it can filter out any unnecessary noise. It is appropriate to professional studios, rehearsal rooms and concert halls and more.


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